Our way of working

Industrieberatung Karau is often consulted when standard methods and approaches for solving production problems have not led to success. If, for example, a problem occurs in your furnace process, this does not mean that the cause of the problem lies there. It may well be that the seed of the problem was already created in the selection of raw materials or in an upstream mixing or compacting process. In other words, many problems require a more fundamental and all-encompassing view and a certain "overview".

The same applies to process design: wouldn't it make sense to think about taking the next technological step when introducing a new product instead of copying the competitor's process or being satisfied with small improvement steps in an already existing process? The analysis of the traditional methods for your strengths and weaknesses will certainly help you to determine the next steps towards sustainability.

IBK is networked with numerous experts, universities and universities of applied sciences, companies and raw material suppliers in Germany and abroad and sees itself not only as a consulting firm with its own expertise, but also as an intermediary. We bring you together with the right partners and prepare both clients and cooperation partners conscientiously for a fruitful cooperation.


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